Questions to ask artificial grass installer before hiring

Questions to ask artificial grass installer before hiring

The popularity of artificial grass is increasing incredibly these days. There are plenty of companies that are dealing with artificial grass in the market. Therefore, it has become difficult to choose the right turf for your home. Here are some essential questions that will help you narrow down your search about artificial grass.

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How do you compare the quality and features of artificial grass to other products?

The primary question that you should ask the turf installer is how do you compare the quality and characteristics of turf with other products? Ask them about the performance, features, and specifications of artificial grass. Does it durable in the presence of pets? Do you offer warranties on turf? The answer to these questions will surely help you make a decision.

How many types of artificial grass do you have?

One thing that you need to understand is that every turf is different from the other. For instance, if you are looking to buy artificial grass for lawns, it will be different from backyard grass. So before buying, make sure to ask about different types of turf that are available in the showroom.

What kind of maintenance and services are required for artificial grass?

When it comes to maintaining the artificial grass, it requires less effort than maintenance of natural grass. But it doesn’t mean that there is no need for maintenance and services of turf grass. Before installation, ask about guidelines to the installer for its maintenance.

Does it pet-friendly?

The majority of people love to have pets at home. If you have pets like a dog or cat, be sure that artificial grass is pet-friendly. Your pets can do many things outside grass. Therefore, choose artificial grass that can drain such things quickly.   So it is better to ask whether considered turf is pet-friendly or not.

Where can I see your done projects?

One of the reliable ways to get an understanding of artificial grass suppliers is to review their past projects. Ask them to show you the examples of their work as it is a better option before you decide for them.

What about the total cost of installation?

The installation cost of artificial grass depends on various factors. Therefore, it is hard to determine the total cost of the project. However, turf companies can provide you with cost estimation after visiting your place.