Types Of Doors

Types Of Doors

Doors are the essential part of home. These are used for protecting the home and if there were no doors, then the rate of crimes would have been increasing every day and different crimes would have taken place every day. Not only the crimes but doors are also used to keep safe from the bad weathers. If there were no doors then our houses would have been dirty at all times and we would get very sick every day if one was living in an extreme weather. There are different kinds of doors and the most famous ones are the glass sliding doors in Dubai.

The designing of doors is a very big industry but many people don’t know that. you must have visited many restaurants that have huge doors and imagine that if you visited a hotel or a restaurant that had normal looking doors or entry doors, then how would you feel. It may seem awkward and it will feel that we are getting inside someone’s home. If you are a kind of person who is about to build a home from scratch and you want your doors to give a fancy look then we suggest that you keep reading and look at more info about the different types of doors below;

Wooden doors: these are most common doors, these are the type of doors that are used in homes and residence building and even hotels as well. but there are two categories in these doors and the first is the light weighted wooden doors and they are cheap but they are not so long lasting and then there are heavy weighted doors and they are expensive but they are very long lasting as well.

Glass Sliding Doors: these are the doors that do not consume a lot of space and the best part is that they are cheap as well. These are used in sharing apartments and even in hotels as well. these are used by the homes that have less space but they need to partition as well. most of these doors are used in Japan and United Arab Emirates.

Half doors: these are the single sided doors and they are used in most homes.

French Doors: These are the types of doors that have frame around the panels.