The downside of branding

The downside of branding

Branding is basically an activity related to marketing in which a helpful and a powerful image and concept of the business or company is created in people’s minds. It is basically a procedure in which the reputation of the company is made better.

If the branding is done in a better way, then it is quite helpful in drawing the people’s attention towards the company. The company gets new clients without putting in a lot of efforts.

Branding has advantages, of course, but today we will have a discussion on the disadvantages of branding UAE.

  1. Costly: The process of branding includes very big costs of development on the section of business. They require very big costs on promotion and advertisement programs for keeping up the reputation of their brand. All such expenses has an impact on the costs of products and facilities given by the brand.
  2. Ownership: Branding is the reason of development of brand ownership in the marketplace. This procedure targets at developing a good picture and reputation of the products and also its producers in client’s minds. There are some business that are not very big and they are unable to bear the expenses of branding. Due to this reason, such companies and brands go through monopolistic rivalry among the market place.
  3. Uncertainty: It produces uncertainty in the concepts of the clients when they are selecting the products. Each company by the help of its promotional messages provides the similar guarantee related to the quality and standard of its products as well as its features. People are often uncertain when they have to decide which product they should buy and which product they should not.
  4. Time: One other significant disadvantage that comes with branding is that branding takes a lot of time. It requires some great amount of efforts as well as time to create the message of branding spread it to the large audience to make a good public reputation.
  5. Impersonal: Branding is considered as an impersonal act and because of this many businesses fail to have personal connection with their clients. A business can only have good connections with their clients if and only if they have a conversation or communication with the clients in person.

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