4 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Gynecologist

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Gynecologist

A gynecologist in Abu Dhabi is an obstetrician/ gynecologist who specialize in the medical care of the female genital organs. Most women begin to see a gynecologist in their early teenage years and continue to go to a good woman practice for overall gynecological health as well. Most gynecologists recommend that women are seen at least once per year for a routine checkup and any time they experience symptoms that concern them. Gynecologists are also trained to deal with questions and concerns about reproductive health. Read below the reasons to visit gynecologist regularly.

Gynecology doctors treat both male and female patients, and can help women understand their bodies better so that they can decide on the best treatment approach for them. Many women find that visiting a gynecologist for a routine examination and checkup once a year gives them a more accurate idea of their current condition. This helps prevent the development of conditions that may be more serious and even require more medical attention. While visiting a gynecologist for the first time, some women feel apprehensive or embarrassed.

Reasons to See a Gynecologist for Women

Other than a health concern a regular visit to a gynecologist for a yearly exam and/or screening is important for the general health and wellness of a woman’s reproductive system. This is the area of the body that regulates menstruation, pregnancy, and fertility. An OB/GYN can examine the reproductive system and make recommendations on healthy hormone management. If a woman has an issue or concern with her reproductive system, she should see a gynecologist right away to prevent conditions from developing into more serious conditions that can cause long-term damage.

If you are sexually active or have had sexual relations with multiple partners recently, it is recommended that you visit a gynecologist for a physical exam and pelvic exam. By doing so, you can get a feel for your reproductive health and find out if any issues need to be dealt with. This is also a good time to make any adjustments or changes in your reproductive health that may be needed. 

Most females visit a gynecologist at least once in their lifetime. This includes having a yearly Pap smear to detect any abnormalities and to monitor your overall health. Some women also go in for yearly self-exams to monitor growth and color changes in the pelvis. Many gynecologists offer special training in dealing with issues, such as pregnancy, miscarriage, and sexually transmitted diseases. Visit link https://healthshield.ae/ for more information.