Top benefits of using evaporated milk

Top benefits of using evaporated milk

Fresh milk indeed has more healthy protein and nutrition, but you cannot store this milk for longer. Therefore, evaporated milk is the better option as it can be stored for many months. The demand for evaporated milk is increasing these days due to its myriad benefits. More & more people are getting aware of the importance of this milk. Evaporated milk is also known as canned milk in the market and is used for specific recipes like baked goods. This milk contains healthy nutrition, minerals, calories, and vitamins that can be beneficial for your health. However, the nutrition or vitamin that you get from evaporated milk depends on your type of use. Here are the top benefits of evaporated milk.

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Fat & calories:

Evaporated milk is rich in calories and fat that can be healthy for you. You might receive at least 340 calories from canned milk because it is condensed and cooked nicely. On the other hand, fresh milk contains 147 calories per cup.  Canned milk has 19 g of fats which is more than fresh milk as it contains 8.3 g. However, the fatness in canned milk can be fatal for health due to saturated fat. With excessive use of canned milk, you may experience clogged arteries and other heart diseases. That’s why nutrients suggest 15 g per day consumption of canned milk.

Canned milk contains Minerals:

Another great benefit of using evaporated milk is it contains 658 mg calcium that can fulfill your 1000 mg deficiency of calcium.  So by consuming two cups of canned milk, you can intake 1316 mg of calcium in the body. Calcium is the best choice to increase bone strength and also provide vitamin D & K that helps to improve minerals efficiency. This milk is also rich in selenium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and even zinc.


Evaporated milk is loaded with carbohydrates and protein. These proteins and carbohydrates are more healthful than fresh milk. However, some people are allergic to protein. If you are one of them, avoid using canned milk as it can be harmful to you.

Loaded with vitamins:

The best evaporated milk brand contains Vitamin A, D & K that can meet your entire day’s needs. Especially if you are a pregnant woman, evaporated milk can be beneficial for your health. These vitamins offer health benefits to you and improve energy over time.