Things to consider while choosing a free zone in UAE

Things to consider while choosing a free zone in UAE

Establishing your own business is UAE especially in the free zone seems to be quite fascinating because in this way you can start your own business in UAE with complete ownership. This is one of the biggest advantages for the foreigners as they can be the part of UAE business market by simply picking a free zone there. UAE offers a long list of free zones to the foreign entrepreneurs among which RAKICC and SHAMS are some of the major ones.

But still it is believed that picking a free zone in UAE is very challenging because a lot of entrepreneurs are quite confused that which zone would be best for their business. So if you are one of those then make sure that you read this whole article as here you will find some major things which should be considered while choosing a free zone in UAE.

Determine the activity of your business

If you really want to pick the best free zone in UAE then your first step should be to determine your business activity. This step is very important because every free zone has its own criteria for allowing specific activities within. So make sure that you have decided your business activity in the beginning. Not only this in fact it is also emphasized to decide that how many activities you are willing to do in that free zone.

Evaluate your required facilities

When it comes to facilities then it is believed that every business requires different kind of facilities. This is why it is very important to evaluate all those required facilities before in order to check that whether a particular free zone can offer you all of them or not. This is very essential because every free zone has a different policy protocol and it is not obvious to get all your required facilities in each of them. In this way you would be able to pick the best suitable free zone as according to the requirements of your business.

Check the licensing process

Every free zone has its own licensing process and you have to get the separate license for your chosen free zone. Like for instance if you are willing to start your business in SHAMS which is one of the free zones in UAE. Then you have to apply for the SHAMS free zone license. It is advised to gather all the relevant information regarding this whole licensing process to avoid any future inconvenience.