The different aspects of landscaping

The different aspects of landscaping

Landscaping is an extremely popular and much needed investment to add value and aesthetic appeal to your property. There are many ways to landscape in Dubai which include using pre-fabricated flower beds, planting trees, building walls, pools and patios and adding extra amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, dog runs etc. The cost of landscape landscaping in Dubai basically depends upon a number of factors. Whether you decide to do it all yourself or contract one of the numerous landscaping services in Dubai, your initial average cost of landscape gardening will differ depending on the:

The size of the garden

Landscape design and features like the type of materials used, the location and the purpose of landscaping design. Location of the garden also influences the costs. The costs can be high for areas that receive less sunlight. If you live in a place where there is limited sunlight or a lot of rain during the winter season, then the initial cost associated with your garden or landscape design would increase.

Irrigation system

The cost in maintaining a water feature or a pond is dependent upon irrigation system and frequency of maintenance. An automatic irrigation system can be very costly in Dubai due to the high maintenance. Automatic irrigation systems are often linked to the hot water system in the bathroom taps which requires frequent water refills. The installation and maintenance of drip trays, pump, filters and filtration systems are expensive in Dubai.

Designing the residential landscaping

The designing of landscape includes the use of proper planning and correct planning facilitates the process. It is important to plan and develop the area with the correct size, shape, height and other specifications and the location of buildings in the Dubai. For residential landscaping in Dubai the developer has to coordinate with the local authorities and take due permission before implementing the plans.

There are many types of plants that can be used for the landscape of Dubai and the developers can incorporate the plant with the design of their building to obtain a beautiful landscape. The Dubai offers an excellent landscape to its visitors and residential landscaping in Dubai is one of the most preferred projects for the beautification of the city. The Dubai landscape is suitable for all types of building structures. So, now you know what types of plants can be used for the landscape of Dubai.

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