How to fit tiles accurately?

How to fit tiles accurately

If you are in the field of making houses or one of the sanitary ware suppliers in Dubai then you need to get a few things in your hand when you are in need of getting new clients. You have to make your clients satisfied so that you can get more of them and then you can easily get more profit from your work. You have to be careful in your work and whenever a client comes to hire you, you have to tell them everything in detail and also tell them about different kinds of tiles as well like the Ragno tiles and their benefits so your clients can choose easily between them. You have to get a few of the tools with you when you go any client’s house so that you can place the tiles easily without any problem and here are some of the important tools to take with:

There is a kind of board which you have to take with you when you are going to any client’s house and then you have to use that batten board as the base of your tiles so that the tiles will stick to the wall in  better way. You have to make sure that the board which you are talking with you is according to the size of the wall or you have to get some tools with you to cut that according to the size.

You have to go with the rule of pyramid when you are going to place the tiles on the walls because you have to get them in a good way at the front and you can leave the cut tiles on the edges or at the lower side of the wall because there no one will look keenly but if you get these cut tiles ta the front then it will look weird and your clients will not be happy with your work. In pyramid shape you have to start placing tiles from the bottom and go up like a pyramid in the middle of the wall.

You have to take a leveler with you when you are going to place the tiles as it will help you in keeping the tiles straight and put them beautifully on the walls of your client’s house. Be careful while leveling the wall tiles.