How an employee engagement survey can help your business

How an employee engagement survey can help your business

A staff engagement survey has been a mainstay feature of many organizations for decades now. Every year millions are spent on these hugely popular annual surveys, yet the results generally fall short of the expenditure. Very rarely do you see truly sweeping change that’s been implemented thanks to the annual staff survey. This is why you should be wary of organizations that only seem to conduct one staff member staff engagement survey a year.

The real secret to the great employee engagement levels isn’t found in the staff survey software at all. It’s found within the ability of the leaders of your organization to inspire your staff. It really comes down to one simple concept; if you can get your employees engaged, you’re going to see massive changes in performance. Great employees are born not made, and it’s important that you take care of this, as it’s a massive asset to your business.

Inspiring your staff with events and activities is a great place to start, but there’s much more to it than that. There are many staff members in any organization who may possess the skill set that can help your business grow, but simply don’t have the right motivation to put this to work. It’s also incredibly important to talk to your company leaders to find out how they can use their own experiences and knowledge to help motivate your staff – this will show you which areas need improvement.

One study found that when companies held an engagement event, their engagement levels went up by 20 per cent. So if that’s a massive increase in just one study, imagine the effect it would have on your own staff! Of course, one thing that you’ll need to do is create an environment where staff feel valued and needed. Sometimes this means having a good balance of training sessions and informal fun, but there are also lots of ways to give people a taste of real work-life experience without putting them under pressure to perform. A simple staff appreciation night might be just what they’re looking for to spark up their interest again.

Employee recognition surveys and change management training for leaders make sense for many reasons. recognizing employees who take part in them is not only rewarding for the individual but also shows your HR department that you’re putting the needs of your employees first. However, recognizing employees who volunteer to take part in surveys is also something that’s great for your bottom line. One survey was conducted by one company who found that employee recognition, through recognition badges and trophies, increased the number of surveys completed by employees by almost 25 per cent.