Facts About Languages

You can say that a language is a structure, a system, a medium or a way to communicate with another person. Well, there are also many animals who understand a specific language as well. According to ortho rehab center, there was a time when people only used sign language to communicate and with the passage of time, they made words and these words then enhanced.

We have also seen the gen z kids coming up with new kinds of languages. The fun part about learning a new language is that it increases your credibility when you go to apply for a job. A person with three years of experience of a specific field will be preferred over a person who knows more than two languages. If you are about to learn a new language then we suggest that you see some our amazing facts about languages.

  • If your kid has problem in speaking then you can always try opt for speech and language therapy in Abu Dhabi. It is said that a kid is more likely to talk properly when they are communicated with an unfamiliar language.
  • There are so many people in the world who know so many languages but they still cannot say that they all languages in the world because there are almost 7000 languages recorded.
  • Even though there are so many languages, only 23 are frequently spoken.
  • If you think that you cannot learn a different language then know that all humans born have a capability of learning some kind of language because as babies, the words we hear can be of any language.
  • And that is why it is also recorded that the half of the world is bilingual. Because if a person is from KSA and knows Arabic, there is 98 percent chance that he or she knows English as well.
  • Who could have ever thought a language could become extinct as well! And that is why it is recorded that almost 2400 languages are said to be on the verge of being extinct.
  • There are countries where more than one language is spoken and you will be surprised to know that in Papua New Guinea, at least 840 different languages are spoken.
  • If you want to speak the best language in the world then we suggest that you learn Spanish as it is the second-most spoken language in the world.